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Shane Achilla Shane Achilla

Shane Achilla

Project Assistant - Skills for Life
Shane Achilla
Julyana Akoolo Julyana Akoolo

Julyana Akoolo

Project Assistant - Skills for Life
Julyana Akoolo
Alexandre Boin Alexandre Boin

Alexandre Boin

Regional Director - Central, East & Southern Africa
Alexandre Boin
Ailsa Buckley Ailsa Buckley

Ailsa Buckley

Market & Business Development
Ailsa Buckley
Anne Ebwangan Anne Ebwangan

Anne Ebwangan

Project Assistant - Skills for Life
Anne Ebwangan
Larry Etabo Larry Etabo

Larry Etabo

Social Skills Coordinator - Skills for Life
Larry Etabo
Alice Hiribae Alice Hiribae

Alice Hiribae

Regional Administrator
Alice Hiribae
Terry Keya Terry Keya

Terry Keya

Administrative Assistant - Skills for Life
Terry Keya
Alexander Kiptanui Alexander Kiptanui

Alexander Kiptanui

Project Manger - Skills for Life
Alexander Kiptanui
Betty Kiptoo Betty Kiptoo

Betty Kiptoo

Project Coordinator-Inclusive Finance Programme
Betty Kiptoo
Elizabeth Loote Elizabeth Loote

Elizabeth Loote

Administator & Accountant - Skills for Life
Elizabeth Loote
Marian Lopus Marian Lopus

Marian Lopus

Office Assistant - Skills for Life
Marian Lopus
Cosmus Mariao Cosmus Mariao

Cosmus Mariao

Business Skills Support Coordinator - Skills for Life
Cosmus Mariao
Helen Masinde Helen Masinde

Helen Masinde

Programme Manager - Inclusive Finance Programme
Helen Masinde
Nicholas Mbugua Nicholas Mbugua

Nicholas Mbugua

Project Coordinator-Inclusive Finance Programme
Nicholas Mbugua
Agatha Muli Agatha Muli

Agatha Muli

MRM Coordinator - Skills 4 Life
Agatha Muli
Wilfred Mututa Wilfred Mututa

Wilfred Mututa

Project Coordinator-Inclusive Finance Programme
Wilfred Mututa
Salome Mwero Salome Mwero

Salome Mwero

Administrator -Inclusive Finance Programme
Salome Mwero
David Nameyan David Nameyan

David Nameyan

Driver - Skills for Life
David Nameyan
James Napeikar James Napeikar

James Napeikar

Project Assistant - Skills for Life
James Napeikar
Nelly Ngasuban Nelly Ngasuban

Nelly Ngasuban

Office Assistant - Skills for Life
Nelly Ngasuban
Michael Njuki Michael Njuki

Michael Njuki

Driver - Inclusive Finance Programme
Michael Njuki
Danielle Odhiambo Danielle Odhiambo

Danielle Odhiambo

Regional Communications/ KCM Officer
Danielle Odhiambo
Esther Wainaina Esther Wainaina

Esther Wainaina

Regional Accountant
Esther Wainaina
Harrison Wambua Harrison Wambua

Harrison Wambua

Regional MRM Advisor
Harrison Wambua
Prisca Wanjuru Prisca Wanjuru

Prisca Wanjuru

Office Assistant - Inclusive Finance Programme
Prisca Wanjuru

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