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Samwel Akadeli Samwel Akadeli

Samwel Akadeli

Accountant - Skills for Life
Samwel Akadeli
Julyana Akoolo Julyana Akoolo

Julyana Akoolo

Project Assistant - Skills for Life
Julyana Akoolo
Alexandre Boin Alexandre Boin

Alexandre Boin

Regional Director - Central, East & Southern Africa
Alexandre Boin
Ailsa Buckley Ailsa Buckley

Ailsa Buckley

Market & Business Development
Ailsa Buckley
Anne Ebwangan Anne Ebwangan

Anne Ebwangan

Project Assistant - Skills for Life
Anne Ebwangan
Simon Edapal Simon Edapal

Simon Edapal

Procurement & Logistics Assistant - Skills for Life
Simon Edapal
Darius Ekiru Darius Ekiru

Darius Ekiru

Project Assistant - Skills for Life
Darius Ekiru
Larry Etabo Larry Etabo

Larry Etabo

Social Skills Coordinator - Skills for Life
Larry Etabo
Alice Hiribae Alice Hiribae

Alice Hiribae

Regional Administrator
Alice Hiribae
Terry Keya Terry Keya

Terry Keya

Administrative Assistant - Skills for Life
Terry Keya
Diana Kiget Diana Kiget

Diana Kiget

MRM Officer - Inclusive Finance Programme
Diana Kiget
Alexander Kiptanui Alexander Kiptanui

Alexander Kiptanui

Project Manager - Skills for Life
Alexander Kiptanui
Betty Kiptoo Betty Kiptoo

Betty Kiptoo

Project Coordinator-Inclusive Finance Programme
Betty Kiptoo
Joseph Lenakiyo Joseph Lenakiyo

Joseph Lenakiyo

Technical Skills Coordinator - Skills for Life
Joseph Lenakiyo
Marian Lopus Marian Lopus

Marian Lopus

Office Assistant - Skills for Life
Marian Lopus
Cosmus Mariao Cosmus Mariao

Cosmus Mariao

Business Support Skills Coordinator - Skills for Life
Cosmus Mariao
Helen Masinde Helen Masinde

Helen Masinde

Programme Manager - Inclusive Finance Programme
Helen Masinde
Nicholas Mbugua Nicholas Mbugua

Nicholas Mbugua

Project Coordinator-Inclusive Finance Programme
Nicholas Mbugua
Agatha Muli Agatha Muli

Agatha Muli

MRM Coordinator - Skills for Life
Agatha Muli
Wilfred Mututa Wilfred Mututa

Wilfred Mututa

Project Coordinator-Inclusive Finance Programme
Wilfred Mututa
Salome Mwero Salome Mwero

Salome Mwero

Administrator -Inclusive Finance Programme
Salome Mwero
David Nameyan David Nameyan

David Nameyan

Driver - Skills for Life
David Nameyan
James Napeikar James Napeikar

James Napeikar

Project Assistant - Skills for Life
James Napeikar
Nelly Ng'asuban Nelly Ng'asuban

Nelly Ng'asuban

Office Assistant - Skills for Life
Nelly Ng'asuban
Michael Njuki Michael Njuki

Michael Njuki

Driver - Inclusive Finance Programme
Michael Njuki
Danielle Odhiambo Danielle Odhiambo

Danielle Odhiambo

Regional Communications/ KCM Officer
Danielle Odhiambo
Agnes Ouma Agnes Ouma

Agnes Ouma

Finance Manager
Agnes Ouma
Prisca Wanjuru Prisca Wanjuru

Prisca Wanjuru

Office Assistant - Inclusive Finance Programme
Prisca Wanjuru

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