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WISATA supports 4 destinations in BBTF 2017

Swisscontact Indonesia had the opportunity to present WISATA II, a tourism development project for selected destinations in Indonesia funded by the Swiss State Secretariat of Economic Affairs (SECO), at Indonesia’s largest annual travel fair, Bali & beyond Travel Fair (BBTF) 2017 from 7th to 11th June at the Bali Nusa Dua Convention Centre, Nusa Dua.


Ruedi Nuetzi, WISATA Program Manager of Swisscontact Indonesia presented the WISATA overview, the importance of a sustainable tourism, the key constraints and how tourism provides sustainable livelihoods in the BBTF Tourism Seminar on 8th June at Nusa Dua hall 1, Bali Nusa Dua Convention Centre. At the end of his presentation, Nuetzi encouraged everyone to contribute in sustainable tourism so that it will improve the livelihood of the local population. The WISATA project covers four destinations – Flores, Toraja, Wakatobi, and Tanjung Puting – that were also participated in BBTF 2017.

These four destinations with the support from the WISATA II Project had the opportunity to present the uniqueness of their respective destinations to buyers in 1-hour direct presentation and showcase the destination in an exclusive area provided by Ministry of Tourism. These destinations also had a chance for a promising ‘seller meets buyer session’ where they expected to negotiate and secure a long term business transactions.

The annual travel fair, BBTF, is recognized as Indonesia’s largest travel fair that focuses on promoting the tourism in Indonesia to the world by bringing buyers and sellers together in a single B2B (business to business) forum. With the theme “Meet, Connect, and Explore the Archipelago”, the committee provided several activities such as media presentations, seminar and direct presentation, travel exchange and post tour program that will be beneficial for all participants of BBTF.

WISATA is supporting tourism development in Flores since 2009 then it has been expanded to Toraja, Wakatobi, and Tanjung Puting in 2014. The main goal of the program is to contribute to economic development through sustainable tourism, creating employment and income to improve the livelihood of the local population. WISATA is collaborating with the Ministry of Tourism and other relevant government institutions, vocational schools and higher education institutions, as well as leading local tourism businesses.

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