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Sutrisna Abhi Sutrisna Abhi

Sutrisna Abhi

Export Promotion Manager
Sutrisna Abhi
Untung Atmojo Untung Atmojo

Untung Atmojo

Procurement & Logistics Manager
Untung Atmojo
Andi Aulia Andi Aulia

Andi Aulia

Senior Finance Manager
Andi Aulia
Kunto Binawan Kunto Binawan

Kunto Binawan

Senior Agribusiness Manager
Kunto Binawan
Peter Braun Peter Braun

Peter Braun

Project Manager
Peter Braun
Aris Darujo Aris Darujo

Aris Darujo

Country Representative
Aris Darujo
Vedia Achmad Djamaludin Vedia Achmad Djamaludin

Vedia Achmad Djamaludin

Head of Operations


Vedia Achmad Djamaludin
Tia Fitriasari Tia Fitriasari

Tia Fitriasari

HR Manager
Tia Fitriasari
Hiswaty Hafid Hiswaty Hafid

Hiswaty Hafid

Senior MRM Manager
Hiswaty Hafid
Kiky Hendarin Kiky Hendarin

Kiky Hendarin

Technical Advisor
Kiky Hendarin
Steven Jimmy A.S. Steven Jimmy A.S.

Steven Jimmy A.S.

Field Office Manager Flores
Steven Jimmy A.S.
Asri Kasim Asri Kasim

Asri Kasim

Field Office Manager Wakatobi
Asri Kasim
Christin Laschinger Christin Laschinger

Christin Laschinger

Dep. Project Manager /Technical Advisor Destination Dev.
Christin Laschinger
Johana Listyorini Johana Listyorini

Johana Listyorini

Project Associate
Johana Listyorini
Mike Loose Mike Loose

Mike Loose

Project Manager
Mike Loose
Ruedi Nuetzi Ruedi Nuetzi

Ruedi Nuetzi

Country Director
Ruedi Nuetzi
Christina Sulistyo Rini Christina Sulistyo Rini

Christina Sulistyo Rini

SCPP Program Director
Christina Sulistyo Rini
Remy Rohadian Remy Rohadian

Remy Rohadian

Senior PO TVET
Remy Rohadian
Bakhtiyar Salam Bakhtiyar Salam

Bakhtiyar Salam

Senior PO School Development
Bakhtiyar Salam
Ferry Sabam Samosir Ferry Sabam Samosir

Ferry Sabam Samosir

Dep. Project Manager / Technical Advisor Destination Planning / MRM
Ferry Sabam Samosir
Liza Sinambela Liza Sinambela

Liza Sinambela

Administrator and General Affairs Manager
Liza Sinambela
Denny Herlambang Slamet Denny Herlambang Slamet

Denny Herlambang Slamet

Communication Manager
Denny Herlambang Slamet
I.A. Danik Suardhani I.A. Danik Suardhani

I.A. Danik Suardhani

Head of Business Administration / Head of Operation SusTour
I.A. Danik Suardhani
Yusuf Sulaiman Yusuf Sulaiman

Yusuf Sulaiman

IT Manager
Yusuf Sulaiman
Suharman Sumpala Suharman Sumpala

Suharman Sumpala

Senior Program Manager
Suharman Sumpala
Daniel Weibel Daniel Weibel

Daniel Weibel

Technical Advisor
Daniel Weibel

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