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Swisscontact is the business-oriented independent foundation for international development cooperation. Represented in 36 countries with over 1,400 employees, Swisscontact promotes since 1959 economic, social and environmental development.

Our Region

Our Engagement

Private Sector Promotion

Employment and income open up pathways out of poverty into a future with real opportunities.
Sustainable growth, driven by an innovative private sector, adding value to underdeveloped regions and
engaging disadvantaged populations as active market participants is the foundation of Swisscontact’s project
work, which focuses on four core areas such as skills, enterprise, finance and environment.

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Our Portfolio

In the last 50 years Swisscontact has acquired extensive experience in the development and implementation of skills development programmes around the world. They range from training for young people with no basic education to professional training of technical specialists. Swisscontact is committed to sustainably improve the effectiveness and demand orientation of skills development programmes.

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Bright Future Ahead - Skills Development in Ruanda

Bright Future Ahead - Skills Development in Ruanda

Joseline Mutuyimana is a 21 year old woman, who is currently enrolled in an apprenticeship program in Nyamirambo sector, Nyarugenge district, Rwanda. "Despite leather making being a traditionally male dominated field, I was very interested in pursuing it", she says.

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Swisscontact at a Glance


Swisscontact is the business-oriented foundation for international development cooperation. Working in 36 countries with over 1,400 team members, we have been fostering economic, social, and environmental development since 1959.


We promote economic, social, and environmental development by helping people integrate into local economic life. We make it possible for them to improve their living conditions through their own initiatives.

Our Work

Swisscontact acts as a catalyst in project implementation by fostering a sustainable environment for entrepreneurship and facilitating access to information, skills, and markets. Swisscontact provides practical, market-oriented, and locally adapted solution to economic development challenges.


Employment and income open up pathways out of poverty and create real opportunities for the future. A key condition for this is sustainable economic growth led by an innovative private sector. At the heart of private sector development lie professional training and development, labour market integration, strengthening local SMEs, access to financial services, and efficient use of resources.

Inclusive Markets

The inclusive markets approach advocated by Swisscontact influences market systems by ensuring that disadvantaged populations gain access to improved goods and services, business opportunities, and jobs. This approach explores the limits and opportunities inherent in existing market systems to determine which interventions would be necessary to open up new possibilities for people.

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