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Borana Barjami Borana Barjami

Borana Barjami

Labour Market Insertion Expert, S4J Project
Borana Barjami
Nensi Bushati Nensi Bushati

Nensi Bushati

Assistant Accountant, SIPPO Program
Nensi Bushati
Erka Caro Erka Caro

Erka Caro

Monitoring and Results Measurement Specialist, S4J Project
Erka Caro
Riselda Dani Riselda Dani

Riselda Dani

Admin and Finance Assistant, S4J Project
Riselda Dani
Dr. Sidita Dibra Dr. Sidita Dibra

Dr. Sidita Dibra

Component Coordinator for VET and New Ways of Learning, S4J Project
Dr. Sidita Dibra
Martin Dietschi Martin Dietschi

Martin Dietschi

Country Director
Martin Dietschi
Elena Dimashi Elena Dimashi

Elena Dimashi

Component Coordinator for Business Relations and Organisation Development, S4J Project
Elena Dimashi
Fation Dragoshi Fation Dragoshi

Fation Dragoshi

Project Manager, S4J Project
Fation Dragoshi
Elvira Idrizi Elvira Idrizi

Elvira Idrizi

Coaching and Training Facilitator, C4EE Project
Elvira Idrizi
Elton Jorgji Elton Jorgji

Elton Jorgji

Private Sector Coordinator, C4EE Project
Elton Jorgji
Vasil Kolezi Vasil Kolezi

Vasil Kolezi

Export Promotion Manager, SIPPO Program
Vasil Kolezi
Ilir Kolla Ilir Kolla

Ilir Kolla

Private Sector Coordinator/Logistics, C4EE Project
Ilir Kolla
Henry Leerentveld Henry Leerentveld

Henry Leerentveld

Regional Director for Eastern Europe / Project Director for S4J Project
Henry Leerentveld
Serjan Llazari Serjan Llazari

Serjan Llazari

Logistics, S4J Project
Serjan Llazari
Orland Qesteri Orland Qesteri

Orland Qesteri

Key Expert on New Ways of Learning in VSD, S4J Project
Orland Qesteri
Kleidor Rustemi Kleidor Rustemi

Kleidor Rustemi

Project Manager, C4EE Project
Kleidor Rustemi
Brikena Sallaku Brikena Sallaku

Brikena Sallaku

Monitoring and Results Measurement Specialist, C4EE Project
Brikena Sallaku
Benild Shaqiri Benild Shaqiri

Benild Shaqiri

Head of Finance
Benild Shaqiri
Steljana Shiba Steljana Shiba

Steljana Shiba

Senior Finance Officer
Steljana Shiba
Eriola Shingjergji Eriola Shingjergji

Eriola Shingjergji

VET and Gender Specialist, S4J Project
Eriola Shingjergji
Iva Stratobërdha Iva Stratobërdha

Iva Stratobërdha

Project Assistant, S4J Project
Iva Stratobërdha
Ines Troqe Ines Troqe

Ines Troqe

Junior Business Developer, S4J Project
Ines Troqe

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