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Albanian teachers on discovery tour in Switzerland

Today in the vocational school, tomorrow in a company – Albanian teachers on discovery tour in Switzerland


Apprenticeship is a matter of course in Switzerland, but not in Albania. That is why Swisscontact has invited twenty-four Albanian vocational school teachers, representatives of the private sector and politicians to get to know the Swiss vocational education system. For five days, they visited various players: career centres, training companies and vocational schools.

Coaching for Employment and Entrepreneurship project Albania

Coaching for Employment and Entrepreneurship in Albania

Swisscontact runs the Coaching for Employment and Entrepreneurship project (C4EE) in Albania, in partnership with the National Employment Service Directorate. The project aims to improve school-to-work transition and labour market accessibility for vulnerable groups who face significant difficulty finding employment. The 12-month coaching cycle is based on ‘core competencies’, combining training components with individual guidance.


Getting to work: No student left behind!

Year-long apprenticeships for all students of the Hospitality & Tourism program, starting from the 10th grade, are a cornerstone of the work-based learning model introduced by Swisscontact team in the partner schools of the SDC-funded Skills for Jobs Project (S4J). This model was developed together with the companies, taking into consideration their demands and the needs of school curricula. The most obvious, practical training, is only one of the element of the apprenticeship approach supported by Swisscontact. Other instruments are necessary for this model to properly function.


In search of Dual Education in Albania

Our Swisscontact colleagues Dr. Sidita Dibra (Component Manager for New Way of Learning and VET, S4J Project) and Fation Dragoshi (S4J Project Manager) participated in the regional workshop organized by the Donor Committee for dual VET (DCdVET) in Tirana on June 27th and 28th, 2017. The event gathered representatives of the main donor agencies supporting VET in Switzerland (SDC), Germany (GIZ), Austria (ADA) and Lichtenstein (LED) and implementing agencies of these donors in the Western Balkans, Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova. During the workshop, our colleagues had the chance to exchange with their peers good VET practices and challenges faced by practitioners in their respective countries, identify and define joint follow-up actions for the future to improve overall VET system in Eastern Europe and South Caucasus Region. Field trips were also part of this platform, aiming to observe dual education elements implemented in Albania. Hence, the visit in Lezha.


The New Zuckerbergs


With international support and inspired by the Europe 2020 agenda, Albania has developed a national strategy on skills and jobs to ensure greater opportunities for youth, contributing to a virtuous cycle of poverty reduction, sustainable development and social inclusion. The Swisscontact Skills 4 Jobs Project addresses the main challenges of the Albanian vocational skills development system: low quality and status; insufficient financing; lack of labour market orientation and a weak private sector involvement.


Swiss VET System Inspires Innovation in Albania

The Skills for Jobs (S4J) Project in Albania provides young people with access to market oriented education and practical training programs at private companies. With the focus on new ways of learning and school management inspired by the Swiss model, the directors and teachers play an important role in this approach. To gain first-hand experience and improve their skills, a group of Albanian teachers and school directors have closely studied the dual vocational training system in Switzerland.


5-Star Hotel in Tirana Certifies Teachers of Hospitality and Tourism Program

Tourism is very important to the economic development of Albania. Poor service has plagued Albania for decades. As the industry is paying attention to VET schools for talents, the need for competent teachers close to market reality have emerged. Now things will change with better trained youngsters from better trained teachers.


Prominent SDC Officials Visit Swisscontact Projects in Albania

Two prominent officials from SDC, Mr. Andreas Gerrits, Dep. Head of Division for Western Balkans and Mr. Aleksander Widmer, Desk Albania, visited Albania in March 2017. The aim of the field-visits was to get first-hand impressions about SDC-funded projects results and challenges. SDC officials visited some of Swisscontact partners in Vlora and Lushnja, in the framework of Skills for Jobs (S4J), and Coaching for Employment and Entrepreneurship (C4EE) projects. The field visit was a tremendous opportunity for Swisscontact to showcase some of achievements in skills development and labour market insertion. SDC staff in Albania shared with the Swisscontact team the general appreciation of the visitors for the projects’ work.


The First “Blended Learning” Classroom in Albanian VET Opens in Vlora

Last year it was all about increasing enrollment, but this year Albanian VET system is aiming at quality and innovation. That is why, a “New Ways of Learning” package was introduced in January by Skills for Jobs Project to bring skills development in the country up to speed to the technology advancement in teaching and learning. And now, a suitable facility where this package is implemented turns into reality in the coastal town of Vlora.


Balkans@Work: Boosting Employment in Western Balkans


Youth employment is closely linked to economic growth and the alleviation of poverty. Currently, the countries in the Western Balkans are faced with high unemployment rates in the 30% – 50% range for young people ages 15 - 24. Are there viable solutions to this challenge? The «Coaching for Employment» approach offers one.

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