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Staff Members

Mirta Affolter Mirta Affolter

Mirta Affolter

Executive Assistant
Mirta Affolter
Erika Altorfer Erika Altorfer

Erika Altorfer

Erika Altorfer
Annette Altvater Annette Altvater

Annette Altvater

Head of Knowledge and Content Management
Annette Altvater
Ariane Appel Ariane Appel

Ariane Appel

Client and Partner Relationships
Ariane Appel
Kathrin Bachmann Kathrin Bachmann

Kathrin Bachmann

Kathrin Bachmann
Anja Baudacci Anja Baudacci

Anja Baudacci

Partner Programmes
Anja Baudacci
Anne Bickel Anne Bickel

Anne Bickel

Head of Partner Programmes
Anne Bickel
Victoria Biedermann Victoria Biedermann

Victoria Biedermann

Knowledge and Content Management
Victoria Biedermann
Natalija Blagojevic Natalija Blagojevic

Natalija Blagojevic

Natalija Blagojevic
Clarissa Bräg Clarissa Bräg

Clarissa Bräg

Clarissa Bräg
Daniel Buser Daniel Buser

Daniel Buser

Daniel Buser
Filippo Cataldi Filippo Cataldi

Filippo Cataldi

Partner Programmes
Filippo Cataldi
Laura Coelho Laura Coelho

Laura Coelho

Laura Coelho
Gabriella Crescini Gabriella Crescini

Gabriella Crescini

Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Gabriella Crescini
Franziska Dahinden Franziska Dahinden

Franziska Dahinden

Executive Assistant
Franziska Dahinden
Marco Daniel Marco Daniel

Marco Daniel

Partner Programmes
Marco Daniel
Sinem Ertürk Sinem Ertürk

Sinem Ertürk

Sinem Ertürk
Michael Fink Michael Fink

Michael Fink

Coordinator of Measurement and Monitoring
Michael Fink
Joanna Finsterer Joanna Finsterer

Joanna Finsterer

Joanna Finsterer
Isabelle Gemperle Isabelle Gemperle

Isabelle Gemperle

Partner Programmes
Isabelle Gemperle
Christina Gruenewald Christina Gruenewald

Christina Gruenewald

Knowledge and Content Management
Christina Gruenewald
Eliane Herrmann Eliane Herrmann

Eliane Herrmann

Partner Programmes
Eliane Herrmann
Béatrice Horn Béatrice Horn

Béatrice Horn

Head of Finance
Béatrice Horn
Ursula Hotz Ursula Hotz

Ursula Hotz

Ursula Hotz
Roger Iten Roger Iten

Roger Iten

Roger Iten
Anna-Margarete Jäger Anna-Margarete Jäger

Anna-Margarete Jäger

Anna-Margarete Jäger
Doris Keller Doris Keller

Doris Keller

Human Resources
Doris Keller
Shaghayegh Khaksar Tehrani Shaghayegh Khaksar Tehrani

Shaghayegh Khaksar Tehrani

Human Resources & Logistics
Shaghayegh Khaksar Tehrani
Yvonne Kohler Yvonne Kohler

Yvonne Kohler

Head of Human Resources and Services a.i.
Yvonne Kohler
Alessandra Pellegrini Alessandra Pellegrini

Alessandra Pellegrini

Alessandra Pellegrini
Montserrat Raurich Montserrat Raurich

Montserrat Raurich

Montserrat Raurich
Kleck Regula Kleck Regula

Kleck Regula

Human Resources
Kleck Regula
Martin Restelli Martin Restelli

Martin Restelli

Partner Programmes
Martin Restelli
Cinthia Rosales Cinthia Rosales

Cinthia Rosales

Cinthia Rosales
Ramon Sahli Ramon Sahli

Ramon Sahli

Ramon Sahli
Gabriela Schafroth Gabriela Schafroth

Gabriela Schafroth

Head of Client & Partner Relationships
Gabriela Schafroth
Veronika Schanderl Veronika Schanderl

Veronika Schanderl

Sustainable Tourism Development
Veronika Schanderl
Martin Schmid Martin Schmid

Martin Schmid

ICS and Compliance Manager
Martin Schmid
Katrin Schnellmann Katrin Schnellmann

Katrin Schnellmann

Katrin Schnellmann
Luana Schuler Luana Schuler

Luana Schuler

Luana Schuler
Adrian Stauffer Adrian Stauffer

Adrian Stauffer

Head of Controlling
Adrian Stauffer
Annina Stoffel Annina Stoffel

Annina Stoffel

Partner Programmes
Annina Stoffel
Nathania Stutz Nathania Stutz

Nathania Stutz

Human Resources
Nathania Stutz
Claudine Teleki Claudine Teleki

Claudine Teleki

Claudine Teleki
Francine Thurnher Francine Thurnher

Francine Thurnher

Head of Communications
Francine Thurnher
Mirjam Wenger Mirjam Wenger

Mirjam Wenger

Mirjam Wenger
Katharina Werlen Katharina Werlen

Katharina Werlen

Katharina Werlen
Monika Wucherpfennig Monika Wucherpfennig

Monika Wucherpfennig

Monika Wucherpfennig
Silvan Ziegler Silvan Ziegler

Silvan Ziegler

Head of Acquisitions (a.i.)
Silvan Ziegler

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