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Management Team

Annette Altvater Annette Altvater

Annette Altvater

Head of Knowledge and Content Management
Annette Altvater
Aexandre Boin Aexandre Boin

Aexandre Boin

Director Central-, East- and Southern Africa
Aexandre Boin
Stephanie Dreifuss Stephanie Dreifuss

Stephanie Dreifuss

Director North and West Africa
Stephanie Dreifuss
Michael Fink Michael Fink

Michael Fink

Coordinator of Measurement and Monitoring
Michael Fink
Sven Gehlhaar Sven Gehlhaar

Sven Gehlhaar

Director Latin America and the Caribbean
Sven Gehlhaar
Eliane Herrmann Eliane Herrmann

Eliane Herrmann

Head of Development Programme
Eliane Herrmann
Béatrice Horn Béatrice Horn

Béatrice Horn

Head of Finance
Béatrice Horn
Beni Lang Beni Lang

Beni Lang

Director of Global Programmes
Beni Lang
Henry Leerentveld Henry Leerentveld

Henry Leerentveld

Director Eastern Europe
Henry Leerentveld
Manish Pandey Manish Pandey

Manish Pandey

Director South Asia
Manish Pandey
Prashant Rana Prashant Rana

Prashant Rana

Director South East Asia
Prashant Rana
Gabriela Schafroth Gabriela Schafroth

Gabriela Schafroth

Head of Client & Partner Relationships
Gabriela Schafroth
Adrian Stauffer Adrian Stauffer

Adrian Stauffer

Head of Controlling
Adrian Stauffer
Francine Thurnher Francine Thurnher

Francine Thurnher

Head of Communications
Francine Thurnher
Silvan Ziegler Silvan Ziegler

Silvan Ziegler

Head of Acquisitions
Silvan Ziegler

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