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Cacao of Unmistakable Quality

The cacao sector has been increasing its competitiveness since 2008; the use of fine and improved cacao varieties and effective fermentation and drying processes have improved the quality of export production. Furthermore, coordination between more than 40 public and private sector agents in the Value Chain Committee is resulting in significant progress.


Beyond Production

The adoption of a value chain approach in June 2008 by the Value Chain Committee with support from PYMERURAL) achieved positive results on three levels:

Regulatory Framework


  • Strengthening of the National Cacao Value Chain Committee, a government-led forum (SAG/PRONAGRO). More than 40 actors and committees at regional and national level are involved. PYMERURAL has developed a methodology for measuring the performance of this platform.
  • Public formalisation of the Framework Agreement for Competitiveness in the Cacao Industry, in which the public and private sectors agree on their commitments to improve the industry, and later updates.

Support Services


  • Promotion of organic certification to obtain better prices (at present 8% of cacao growers are organic)
  • Better coverage of technical aid and training through Field Schools for cacao growers (especially the Misquita and Tawaka ethnic groups)
  • Generation of the information needed for decision taking, such as industry analysis and socioeconomic diagnosis of cacao-growing families and their production

Production, Processing and Marketing


  • Benefits 581 cacao growers and 1,294 others indirectly
  • Access to the Swiss export market
  • Better participation by women in plant nurseries, post-harvesting and chocolate making (with advice from a Swiss chocolate expert)



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