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Local Strategic Economic Development with Good Governance in Region 11 - El Paraíso

Honduras' Region 11 de Honduras includes seven municipalities and covers 6,002 km2, which represents 5.4% of the country's land area, and has a population of 391,000 inhabitants, some 30% of whom live in urban areas and 70% in rural zones.

Principal economic activities include coffee, tobacco and maize growing and cattle rearing. The Municipality of Danlí established a Local Economic Development Unit (UDEL Danlí) at the beginning of 2008 as a participation and management platform for improving the area's competitiveness, with a multi-sector approach. Vegetable production has recently started, principally tomatoes, chili peppers and bananas for the domestic and Central American markets, and sweet potatoes for the Canadian market. The zone contains artisanal manufacturers of biscuits, sweets, banana crisps, dairy products, coffee and tortillas, as well as carpenters and cabinet makers.


Between 2009 and 2014, technical and financial aid from Pymerural helped to implement a project entitled "Regional Consolidation of the Local Economic Development System of the Municipality of Danlí", aimed at improving cohesion and functioning of the economic system, using as a planning tool the Municipal Competitiveness Agenda (ACM) and expanding the intervention of the municipalities of El Paraíso, Teupasenti and Trojes, including regionalisation of services provided by the SAG in the avocado, coffee, vegetables, dairy products, maize and beans value chains.


Based on this experience the scheme was extended to two additional regions (Golfo de Fonseca and Valles de Comayagua) and contributions were made to the local economic development policy.

Golfo de Fonseca

The Pymerural programme in the closing phase concentrated its intervention on this region, providing operational continuity to the Regional Economic Development Plan by implementing local economic development in the municipalities of San Marcos de Colón, Marcovia and Santa Ana de Yusgüare and regionalisation of the services provided by the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock in the sesame, apiculture, dairy products, mango and cashew value chains. 

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