Ces projets bien conclus sont exemplaires dans leur conception et leur mise en œuvre.

EELA, Latin America

The programme EELA helped to mitigate climate change and improve the quality of life of brick makers by encouraging appropriate technology for efficient energy use in brick kilns.

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Pymerural, Honduras

The project Pymerural increased income and employment in rural areas, contributing to the sustainability of SME's in agro industrial value chains.

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AlbVET, Albania

The main objective of the AlbVET project was the support to different aspects of the Albanian Vocational Education and Training (VET) reform with a focus on private sector.

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10 Years Financial Services in East Africa

Swisscontact has developed innovative new ways to push the banking frontier into lesser-developed regions and rural areas.

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L’évolution de la formation professionnelle artisane au Bénin.

Au Bénin, l’équipe de Swisscontact intervient prioritairement dans le secteur de la promotion des PME et de la formation professionnelle.

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