Oportunidades Laborales

SIPPO Country Representative, 100% (Senior position)

The SIPPO Country Representative (SCR) takes the overall responsibility for the implementation of the programme in (country). He/she represents the program to all involved stakeholders and local SECO offices, supervises the SIPPO Export Promotion Manager (EPM) and reports to the SIPPO Central Management Team (CMT) in Berne/Switzerland. Therefore, he/she intensively networks with relevant stakeholders of trade organizations and sector associations. Thereby, he/she applies a broad know-how in trade/export promotion, particularly for services targeting “the last mile” which match exporters with importers of destination markets characterized by high import requirements (e.g. Switzerland and the European Union). Enabling the organizational development within BSOs and supporting the EPM in transferring the respective knowledge to improve export promotion services completes the profile of the SCR.


Terms of Reference: SIPPO Country Representative

Job applications shall be sent as electronic version including CV, certificates of employment, references and a cover letter in English at the latest by  March 2, 2018 to pe.info@STOP-SPAM.swisscontact.org.

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