Working Areas

Employment and income open up pathways out of poverty into a future of opportunities. Sustainable growth, driven by an innovative private sector, is the foundation of Swisscontact’s project work.

Active Market Patricipation

Swisscontact increases the potential of disadvantaged populations by involving them in their own development as active market participants: producers, employees, or consumers.

Innovative Private Sector

Economic growth can only be generated through an innovative private sector capable of developing. Supportive interventions in the formal and informal sectors help reduce poverty, both directly and indirectly. 

Core Areas of Private Sector Promotion

Not only regulatory frameworks play a role, but also successful private sector development in the following areas:

  • Skills Development: facilitating access to the labour market and creating the conditions for employment and income generation.
  • SME Promotion: supporting local businesses to  strengthen competitiveness.
  • Financial Services: achieving financial inclusion by creating access to local financial service providers who offer credit, savings, leasing, and insurance products.
  • Resource Efficiency: encouraging energy- and material-efficient production methods with initiatives that promote clean air and sustainable waste management practices.



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