Tourism Development for sustainable and environmentally friendly Economic Growth

A sustainably developed tourism sector creates jobs and contributes to overall regional economic development, which in turn fosters growth. In many developing countries, this sector has become an engine of growth.

Swisscontact’s overall objective is to create long-term employment and facilitate income opportunities for broad sections of  the population in target regions.

Sustainable Tourism Destination Management

Swisscontact’ first experience in tourism development dates back to the mid-1990s. Ever since, Swisscontact’s tourism-related portfolio has expanded around the globe and widened towards different topics.


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Developing Destinations and Skills Training

Interventions are market-oriented and occur all along the value chain. Two key interventions are the main focus: developing the given destination’s infrastructure as well as training the labour force.

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Tourism as a Catalyst for Regional Economic Development

Tourism is much more than just an economic sector. It is a complex system wherein potential interactions with other economic sectors can develop upstream and  downstream.

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