The Senior Expert Corps

Promoting entrepreneurship through expertise – Imparting technical skills through volunteer work

The retired professionals of our Senior Expert Corps (SEC) are qualified Experts at site. They provide problem-solving solutions for small and medium enterprises in developing countries and in Eastern Europe.

Promoting Small and Medium Entreprises

Through their consulting services, our experts provide hands-on, cost-effective support towards sustainable development of companies and institutions. Today, more than 700 technical experts, ranging from craftsmen to hotel managers to marketing specialists, provide their expertise and valuable professional experience.

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Our Services

Are you interested in a SEC-assignment in your company? SME and education or training institutes, as well as other organisations in developing countries and Eastern Europe, can request an SEC expert if they require technical expertise to overcome business and structural impediments, but cannot afford this at market prices.

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Becoming an SEC Expert

Would you like to support companies abroad voluntarily as an expert? The Senior Expert Corps is a voluntary programme which undertakes short-term assignments in developing countries and Eastern Europe. We recruit only experienced professionals for between 2 and 12 weeks. The mission is voluntary and there is no financial compensation.

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SEC Film Nepal

The film documents four SEC assignments in Nepal and shows their direct impact. Clients express their appreciation and confirm the improvements they have experienced in their companies. It is also illustrated how SEC assignments add value to the experts themselves. They explain where their motivation to conduct voluntary SEC assignments is deriving from.


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