Professional training for young people (Projoven)

The population of Honduras suffers from poverty, violence, corruption and unemployment. According to the National Statistics Institute of Honduras (INE), the unemployment rate is slightly over 7%; however, if the under-employment rate is added to this, it surpasses 40%, with young people comprising the largest group of unemployed. Furthermore, this group also faces the criminality of gangs and organised crime.

The Project

Swisscontact is the lead implementer of the PROJOVEN Project, which is funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC). Over its four-year project term, it aims to facilitate labour force incorporation, self-employment and the promotion of entrepreneurship.

The project facilitates labour force training and job placement, self-employment and the generation of income for men and women at risk of social exclusion.. It aspires to create opportunities that contribute to inclusive economic development, violence prevention and contirbute to social stability.

The project has improved the quality of training in two modalities: Popular Courses and Workshops and Professional Training Centres, adjusting the training to the required skills of dynamic sectors, such as construction and tourism. PROJOVEN also fosters self-employment as an alternative for generating income and transforming lives.  


Results as of December 2016

  • 7,165 graduates of Popular Workshops.
  • Of the youth graduates from Popular Workshops, 1,820 have jobs and 568 are self-employed.
  • 1,977 youth have undertaken social cohesion activities.
  • 72 instructors have been trained in vocational skills pedagogy, curricular design and human development.
  • There are 494 graduates of Professional Training Centres.
  • Of these graduates, 152 youth are employed and 33 are self-employed.
  • Nine curricula have been developed and implemented in the Professional Training Centres.
  • Six Professional Training Centres and 28 Popular Workshops are operating and training young people.
  • 67 instructors have been certified in labour skills (29 in construction, 33 in tourism and five in information and communications technologies).
  • A single recordkeeping system has been created to enable traceability, opportunity and reliability of the information about matriculation, labour force incorporation/job placement, self-employment.
  • Two professional training environments have been developed, incorporating collaborative learning, information and communications technologies, training through projects, and real problem solving.
  • 15 agreements have been signed with the Chambers of Tourism and Construction and with the Secretariat of Labour and Social Security (STSS) to promote the trained youth.


Project countries

  • Honduras

Project duration

2013 - 2017


  • SDC

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