Increasing Market Employability (IME) in Macedonia

Macedonia has had over the past years moderate growth rates of 3-7% and has been able to create jobs. However, most of them seem to be rather low quality jobs in the informal economy or agriculture.

The Project

The purpose of the Project is to enable more working age women and men, in particular young to be engaged in sustainable decent employment or self-employment in order to be able to generate higher incomes and be competitive on the job market.

Nowadays, employers need people who can do a specific job that may require the worker to have special qualifications, experience and skills. But they also need people who can fit in to their organization and help the company succeed. Improving their employability skills through education, training and practical applications can give them an edge in the job market, positioning them for higher-earning roles with greater growth potential. These are all demands of the modern and dynamic labor market of the Macedonian society on the way towards Europe.


In order to achieve the

sustainable economic growth and job creation, the project will provide

interventions that will strengthen the business sector in Macedonia,

improve quality of products and services offered, expand markets and create an

enabling environment in

the following three economic sectors:


Tourism and Hospitality
Green Economy
Creative Industries

To increase growth in these sectors, the projects applies

the M4P approach, targeting systemic changes in the market systems. It addresses the key underlying causes for the

bottlenecks that hamper job creation. The project will implement activities that

will provide access to knowledge, skills, technologies and delivery mechanisms

for the targeted producers and stimulate demand for local products and services.

The project will also provide information on access to financing, facilitate

improved policy dialogue

and support knowledge

sharing amongst stakeholders. In doing so, IME will assist the selected sectors in creating decent

jobs and achieving sustainable economic growth.



Goals of the project

  • Enterprises in Tourism & Hospitality, Creative Industry and the Green Economy will grow byexpanding the existing market and accessing new market opportunities.
  • Access to improved services (skills support functions, financial services) will be enhanced for enterprises in the three sectors.
  • The policy and regulatory framework will be more conducive for private sector growth in targeted sectors.

Project partner

  • Foundation for Sustainable Economic Development PREDA Plus

Project countries

  • Macedonia

Project duration

2014 - 2019


  • SDC

Working area


Swiss Foundation for Technical Cooperation
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CH-8005 Zurich

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