Improving the production, transformation and commercialisation of local agricultural products (Horti-Sempre)

Consumption of horticultural products in the Nacala Corridor in Northern Mozambique has doubled in the last seven to eight years and is expected to grow at the same sustained rate due to growing urbanization and strong economic development in the tourism, mining and infrastructure sectors. Despite these encouraging market conditions, the local small-scale horticultural producers are not equipped to take full advantage of this opportunity and are increasingly losing ground to vegetables from other provinces or from outside the country. They are largely uncompetitive in price, highly seasonal, insufficiently diversified or demand-driven and therefore lack responsiveness to market specifications, requirements and expectations in terms of quality, grade, size, colour, perishability and seasonal availability.

The Project

Horti-sempre seeks to foster rapid, sustained and broad-based economic growth in the small scale horticultural sector and boost competitiveness of local producers increasing a marketable supply of quality fruits and vegetables all year round in order to increase their income, and help alleviate poverty in Northern Mozambique's Nacala Corridor.

The intervention strategy is based on four pillars of intervention:

  • Introducing new horticultural seeds/varieties from Brazil;
  • Introducing affordable irrigation solutions;
  • Improved horticultural practices in selected clusters of production;
  • Strengthening Nampula as a trading hub by upgrading the value chain (standards, packaging and logistic services)


Results 2016:

    • 6,277 smallholders (1,368 female) accessed improved horticultural production and marketing services.
    • 22 new horticulture varieties were registered by the public authorities since the phase.
    • 1,617 hip-pumps were sold by Mozambican equipment providers benefitting 4,504 smallholders (1,080 female).
    • 2,175 smallholders (552 female) benefitted from the plastic boxes and 300 smallholders from mesh net bags introduced in the market by the horticultural wholesaler’s association. The benefits are: reduced transport losses and added value from sorting and grading.
    • Horticultural producers realised annual additional income of US$204.

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    Project countries

    • Mozambique

    Project duration

    2013 - 2016


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