Analysis, development, and implementation of a programme to strengthen communities through tourism management for local development

The activities implemented by MITUR and its subsidiary CORSATUR are intended to coordinate action across diverse sectors in order to transform tourism sustainably into a main source of employment and income for the local population, improving their quality of life. The different institutions involved in the sector require more competencies in tourism development along the coast and they must participate in management models as members of advisory committees or otherwise. The capacities of local stakeholders to shape policy toward sustainable local development is one of the most important factors that will determine the success of developing coastal tourism in El Salvador.


To strengthen administrative offices and urban tourism associations so that they can establish public-private partnerships to plan and implement tourism development in their areas.

The Project

An analysis will be carried out on what is required for tourism management to strengthen the sector in the municipalities of Chiltiupán, Comasagua, Jayaque, La Libertad, and Tamanique in La Libertad District. It will also be conducted in Alegría, Berlín, Jiquilisco, Puerto el Triunfo, San Dionisio and Usulután in Usulután District. Based on this analysis, activities will be designed to strengthen local development of the tourism sector along the coast, improving both quality and volume.


Expected results

  1. Snapshot of the current situation for public and private organisations involved in the tourism sector in 11 target municipalities
  2. Problems in tourism management identified
  3. Analysis of current local regulations and laws in the tourism sector
  4. Drivers in the sector identified to articulate initiatives that will improve public-private partnerships for the benefit of local tourism
  5. Strategies and tools developed to strengthen tourism management benefiting the target municipalities
  6. Two pilot projects designed for tourism involving a public-private partnership, which will be implemented later on
  7. Programme implemented to strengthen tourism management in the communities and a handbook for best practices published

Project countries

  • El Salvador

Project duration

May - September 2017


  • Gobierno de El Salvador con fondos del Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo (BID)

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