Field Days in the provinces of Loja and El Oro with Coffee Producers

In the province of Loja were held 3 days of field with coffee producers. In the province of El Oro, 15, 16 and 17 days were also held three days in the field, two with cocoa producers and one with coffee producers. Every field day was framed in the campaign "Alimenta tu cafe" and "Alimenta tu cacao".

These interventions had the participation of approximately 100 producers in the Province of Loja, around 230 producers in the Province of El Oro and more than 50 technicians in both provinces. The main objective was to present the appropriate techniques and inputs required to ensure the productivity and quality of coffee and cocoa. This campaign was carried out jointly with the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Aquaculture and Fisheries (MAGAP), BANECUADOR, Local Governments and the fertilizer company DELCORP.

The Ministry of Agriculture - MAGAP, provided technical assistance for the reactivation of coffee and cocoa; With different approaches, among which stand out:


  • design of the plantation
  • how to select quality plants
  • demonstration of planting.

DELCORP provided complete information on specific nutrition plans for coffee and cocoa; With this activity, the company managed to establish a direct relationship with the producers.

For its part, BANECUADOR, socialized the line of credit and the process to follow to access fertilization packages through a line of credit called "ALIMENTA TU CAFÉ" "ALIMENTA TU CACAO", offered by the financial institution. Fieldwork in the provinces of Loja and El Oro focused on modernizing the techniques used in the cultivation and production of cocoa, in order to link and achieve a rapprochement between producers and suppliers of products and services. It is important to note that Swisscontact fulfilled its role of facilitator; That is to say, it articulated joint actions between the public and private sector linking these institutions with the producers, in order to improve the techniques of production of coffee and quality cocoa.

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