Sahaj signs partnership agreement with Development Voyage


This partnership envisions better marketing opportunities for smallholder farmers growing indigenous crops.

Albanian teachers on discovery tour in Switzerland

Today in the vocational school, tomorrow in a company – Albanian teachers on discovery tour in Switzerland


Apprenticeship is a matter of course in Switzerland, but not in Albania. That is why Swisscontact has invited twenty-four Albanian vocational school teachers, representatives of the private sector and politicians to get to know the Swiss vocational education system. For five days, they visited various players: career centres, training companies and vocational schools.


Colombia’s best cocoa producers recognized at the 5th “Cacao de Oro” competition


In the COEXCA cocoa export project Implemented by Swisscontact, roughly 3,500 Colombian cocoa farmers benefited during the 2012-2015 period. Swisscontact achieved its project objective to make Colombia an international supplier of fine aromatic cocoa, as well as to build long-term business relations with international chocolate makers.


Swisscontact supports the promotion of Malian culture

Since the outbreak of the crisis in early 2012, there have been many initiatives and projects by artists and representatives of culture in all areas whose goals are to promote cultural diversity and peace. Culture is a potential bulwark against fundamentalism and plays an important role in securing an enduring peace.


Timbuktu: skills development is revitalizing the local economy


Swisscontact has been working in Mali for more than 25 years. Currently, within the PAFP IV programme, Swisscontact is helping the Timbuktu region introduce training and continuing education programmes that spur the local and regional economic growth.


Developing artificial intelligence in Eastern Europe


Letz, an upcoming startup from Macedonia, received technical assistance support from the “Swiss Entrepreneurship Programme” implemented by Swisscontact. In Collaboration with entrepreneurship experts provided by Swisscontact start-ups with growth potential are promoted.


Tourism promotion through online marketing in Mandalay


Tourism development has many goals, whether it’s rising numbers of visitors, extended stays, increased customer satisfaction and word-of mouth recommendations, or achieving high name recognition. Professional online marketing offers an opportunity to become competitive. For the “Hotel Training Initiative” (HTI), Swisscontact organised an interactive and hands-on workshop in online marketing.


New skills development initiative in Chad: the most important objective is to spur employability of young people.


Swisscontact is again working in Chad since September 2017 with the ”Training and Integrating Young People into the Labour Market”. The objective is to increase the access of Chadian youth to vocational education and training programs and to facilitate their access to local labour markets.

Latin America

Climate change in Central America: food security and higher incomes for 25,000 SMEs and farmers


Swisscontact is focusing its efforts in Central America on developing selected value chains and integrating young people into the labour market through hands-on vocational training and continuing education. Swisscontact is implementing four new projects that will improve food security, livelihoods and quality of life.


Kosovo’s Tourism Offers and Destination Information Reach the Japanese Market


Information about Kosovo as a promising new tourism destination is being exhibited for the Japanese market. Three tour operators and the Kosovo Alternative Tourism Association join as exhibitors the annual Tourism Expo Japan on 21 – 24 September 2017.

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