Launch of the «Basic Manual of Good Practices for Coffee Roasting» in Ecuador


Coffee roasting is a vital phase within your processing chain. It is with the delicate and handcrafted operation of the toast with which coffee reveals its secrets.

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#MekongMoments Campaign wins the 2017 Travel Industry Oscar at ITB Berlin


The innovative digital marketing campaign #MekongMoments was awarded the prestigious Golden City Gate Award – considered the ‘Oscars of the travel industry’ – at ITB Berlin, the largest travel and tourism fair globally. Swisscontact is a founding partner of Mekong Moments, owned and operated by Digital-Design-Thinking Studio CEN International, and initiated by the Mekong Tourism Coordinating Office (MTCO).


Field Days in the provinces of Loja and El Oro with Coffee Producers


In the province of Loja were held 3 days of field with coffee producers. In the province of El Oro, 15, 16 and 17 days were also held three days in the field, two with cocoa producers and one with coffee producers. Every field day was framed in the campaign "Alimenta tu cafe" and "Alimenta tu cacao".


Balkans@Work: Boosting Employment in Western Balkans


Youth employment is closely linked to the economic growth and the alleviation of poverty. Currently, Western Balkans are faced with high unemployment rates for young people. Are there viable solutions to this challenge? “Coaching for Employment” approach offers one.


Skills Development: Prospects for Professional Careers in Myanmar


Myanmar has immense economic potential. However, the country lacks trained professionals to sustain its economic growth. Through the Vocational Skills Development Program (VSDP), financed by SDC, Swisscontact is helping to bridge this gap. Read here how young men and women in Myanmar profit from this project.


Albanian vocational schools sign up for twinning with Swiss business school IDM


Innovation is on everybody’s lips today. In this technology-driven society, new solutions are needed and introduced continuously in all areas of work and life. How is vocational education in Albania coping with this trend? How will the future professionals be prepared for this dynamic labour market firmly grounded on and influenced by information technology?


Bolivia: becoming a successful e-waste entrepreneur


Switzerland is not only a pioneer, but also the world champion in recycling electrical waste. Gradually, developing countries are beginning to develop recycling systems as well: Swiss achievements adapted to local conditions for sustainable recycling systems in Latin America. Swisscontact supports Bolivia's first e-waste recycle business.


Skills development as an export good? Interview with skills development expert Matthias Jäger


Globally increasing youth unemployment is providing an impetus to skills development in international development cooperation. Matthias Jäger, a long-time Swisscontact associate, explains in an interview what can and cannot be expected of skills development as an international development tool.


Entering the professional world: integrating Nepalese youth into the labour market


In Nepal, Swisscontact has been supporting integration of young adults into the labour market. In three-month courses, 3,500 young people are learning the basics for professions such as tailoring, mechanics, and beauticians. Three youths who have entered the professional world thanks to Swisscontact talk about how effective these course have been.


Investing in a better future: Please support our crowdfunding campaign


Entrepreneurs are at the root of private sector development and drivers to economic growth in Central America. You can help launching a new generation of entrepreneurs and sustainable businesses! Their start-ups increase household income, reduce the pressure to migrate, and support community development. We invite you to support our crowdfunding campaign by engaging in the Seed Capital Fund for women entrepreneurs in Guatemala and in the Beekeeper Export Fund for honey producers in El Salvador.


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