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#MekongMoments Campaign wins the 2017 Travel Industry Oscar at ITB Berlin


The digital marketing campaign #MekongMoments was awarded the prestigious Golden City Gate Award – considered as the oscars of the travel industry – at ITB Berlin, the largest travel and tourism fair globally. Swisscontact is a founding partner of #MekongMoments.


Providing the Best Learning Opportunities for Tourism and Hospitality Students in Macedonia


The student Tome Barbutov presents his study on tourism promotion in Macedonia at the World Tourism Forum Lucerne (WTFL). Swisscontact supported him in the development of this study and established the link to the WTFL.

Latin America

Launch of the Latin American Network for Inclusive Markets


Together with the Latin America Platform for Knowledge Management (ASOCAM) and the BEAM Exchange, and with support from the UN International Labour Organisation (ILO), Swisscontact launched the Latin American Network for Inclusive Markets (IM).


SECO Visits Indonesia’s Largest Cocoa Producing Island – Sulawesi


Swisscontact Indonesia had the opportunity to host the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO), Nestlé and Mars Chocolate on a joint field visit to review the progress of Swisscontact’s Sustainable Cocoa Production Programme (SCPP) in West and South Sulawesi, Indonesia.


Launch of the «Basic Manual of Good Practices for Coffee Roasting» in Ecuador


Coffee roasting is a vital phase within your processing chain. It is with the delicate and handcrafted operation of the toast with which coffee reveals its secrets.


Portfolio Growth: 15 new Projects in six Regions to Promote Employment and Income

Swisscontact enters 2017 with 15 new projects in multiple sectors launched in the December 2016 – January 2017 period.


Field Days in the provinces of Loja and El Oro with Coffee Producers


In the province of Loja were held 3 days of field with coffee producers. In the province of El Oro, 15, 16 and 17 days were also held three days in the field, two with cocoa producers and one with coffee producers. Every field day was framed in the campaign "Alimenta tu cafe" and "Alimenta tu cacao".


Balkans@Work: Boosting Employment in Western Balkans


Youth employment is closely linked to economic growth and the alleviation of poverty. Currently, the countries in the Western Balkans are faced with high unemployment rates in the 30% – 50% range for young people ages 15 - 24. Are there viable solutions to this challenge? The «Coaching for Employment» approach offers one.


Skills Development: Prospects for Professional Careers in Myanmar


Myanmar has immense economic potential. However, the country lacks trained professionals to sustain its economic growth. Through the Vocational Skills Development Program (VSDP), financed by SDC, Swisscontact is helping to bridge this gap. Read here how young men and women in Myanmar profit from this project.


Albanian vocational schools sign up for twinning with Swiss business school IDM


Innovation is on everybody’s lips today. In this technology-driven society, new solutions are needed and introduced continuously in all areas of work and life. How is vocational education in Albania coping with this trend? How will the future professionals be prepared for this dynamic labour market firmly grounded on and influenced by information technology?

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