Swisscontact is the business-oriented independent foundation for international development cooperation.
Represented in 33 countries with over 1 100 employees, it promotes - since 1959 - economic, social and
environmental development.

Private Sector Development

The private sector is the most important driving force behind economic development and sustainable poverty reduction.

Work approach

We create opportunities for people seeking to improve their living conditions and livelihoods through their own initiatives and integrating them into local commercial life.

Doing the right thing together

Swisscontact is the ideal partner for companies, foundations or individuals seeking to make a meaningful and lasting contribution to sustainable development and poverty reduction.


As an expert organisation Swisscontact ensures high quality project work on site with the aim of private sector development.

Core areas

We encourage entrepreneurship and efficient use of resources, provide access to skills development and financial services.


We make a sustained, effective contribution towards the reduction of economic disparities in an increasingly complex, globalized world.

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Annual Report 2015

The Annual Report offers insight in last year's achievements of Swisscontact.

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