Projects we Support

Swisscontact North America achieves its mission by developing and expanding ties between private and public funders in North America and Swisscontact, the Swiss Foundation for Technical Cooperation, an international NGO based in Switzerland.

Microleasing (Kenya)
With support from Credit Suisse and the Ford Foundation, Swisscontact help found Juhudi Kilimo, the largest agricultural asset-backed financing organization in Kenya.

Sustainable Cocoa Production Project (Indonesia)
To increase sustainable cocoa production in Indonesia, Swisscontact administers a public-private partnership initiative involving Cargill, Mars Inc. and Nestlé.

Recycling/Waste Management (Bolivia)

PepsiCo Latin American Beverages have supported PET Recycling and creating jobs for women through the Eco-Communities recycling initiative.

Entrepreneurship: Tourism Sector (Peru)
Swisscontact established a partnership with the Peru Opportunity Fund, Ancash Association and Altamina Mining Co. to support tourism development in northern Peru.