Advancing Women’s Entrepreneurship

Swisscontact supports Sandra, Deby, and thousands of young women starting their own business in Guatemala. In 2016, 4,000 women will have received training in entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and business plan development.

Inventory. Retail space. Productive assets. Marketing. They are eager to launch their businesses in 2017, but each has their own start-up needs.


Join us in launching these new enterprises by supporting the SEED CAPITAL FUND to provide women entrepreneurs with business start-up grants.


With $35,000 Seed Capital you not only help create over 150 new women-owned businesses, but launch 150 women entrepreneurs into the world of commerce.

The Seed Capital Fund

With seed capital young women can start their businesses. In so doing, they embark into the world of business, opportunity, and growth. Swisscontact’s Seed Capital Fund helps young women take that first step by launching prototypes and testing market acceptance.


Generacción Emprendedora aims to increase access to jobs with low levels of qualification, support entrepreneurs and increase income for 31,000 socially disadvantaged young women and men from rural and peri-urban areas of Guatemala. As part of this program, 1,000 new small women-owned businesses will be created.

Women have told us that the most critical moment in the life of a young women is when they are able to turn an idea into a reality, a concept into a business. Guatemala, however, is a country where young entrepreneurs do not have easy access to finance.


To address this single most important obstacle to launching a business, Swisscontact invites you to support its Seed Capital Fund.


The Seed Capital Fund, administered by a partner microfinance institution, will provide over 150 young women with start-up grants. Grants will be provided to women based on their business plan (known best in Guatemala as the business canvas) and planned use of the seed capital.


Kurt Schneider, Country Director Guatemala
Kurt Schneider, Country Director Guatemala

Guatemala is a country where access to finance for young entrepreneurs is difficult. The capital cost is very high. However there are many young people who have good ideas to establish a profitable business. The cultural pattern makes it more difficult access to financing for women. Seed capital is an enabler that opens doors to establish a business.

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