Investing in a Better Future

Entrepreneurs. They are at the root of private sector development and drivers to economic growth in Central America. They inspire us. Their small businesses increase household income, reduce pressures to migrate, and support community development.

To help launch a new generation of entrepreneurs and sustainable businesses, we invite you to support the Seed Capital Fund for women entrepreneurs in Guatemala and Beekeeper Export Fund for honey producers in El Salvador.

Women's Seed Fund

Swisscontact supports Sandra, Deby, and thousands of young women starting their own business in Guatemala. In 2016, 4,000 women will have received training in entrepreneurship, financial literary, and business plan development. 

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Beekeeper Export Fund

The Beekeeper Export Fund helps beekeepers in El Salvador increase their production of honey for export markets. With the help of Swisscontact’s innovative Microleasing program, beekeepers qualify for collateral-free financing for improved equipment and technologies.

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