Tourism promotion through online marketing in Mandalay

Tourism development has many goals, whether it’s rising numbers of visitors, extended stays, increased customer satisfaction and word-of mouth recommendations, or achieving high name recognition. Professional online marketing offers an opportunity to become competitive. For the “Hotel Training Initiative” (HTI), Swisscontact organised an interactive and hands-on workshop in online marketing.

Travel agencies are no longer as pivotal for tourist planning as they once were. Today, travelers prefer to find their next travel destination online, for it is through online searching that we can get an intimate glimpse inside regional accommodations, local sites, and evewnts, as well as read reviews or view photos.

This workshop in online marketing was designed for the management of Swisscontact’s partner hotels in Mandalay and Bagan, as well as members of tourism associations and officials at the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism (MoHT).

Making partner hotels more competitive

Two digital marketing experts provided members of management of the hotels and associations with the tools to increase their online visibility, improve their abilities to address challenges, and take advantage of new business opportunities. 

Aspects of e-marketing for hotels

Creating higher quality content is key to meeting high customer expectations, search engine optimization (SEO), establishing a presence on various social media platforms, and reaching new target groups. Website design is also decisive, as is knowing how to better position one’s website. 

Participants gained much know-how 

“Until now we had never engaged professional photographers – this was recommended to us during the training.  We encourage our customers to write reviews and interact with them in the comments section. In this way, our ratings on TripAdvisor and have improved. We even update our Facebook page regularly.” says Ms. Hnin Ei Wai, Sales and Marketing Manager at the Hotel Dingar in Mandalay. Mr. Kyaw Hein, Operations Manager at Hotel Tharabar in Bagan, now also knows more about e-marketing. He now chooses the content he wishes to upload to the website more carefully. “I now have a new marketing strategy for our hotel’s online marketing. I also know now how to advertise our hotel on a search engine.”

After the workshop, participants were required to complete five online orders. Local trainer Kyaw Thura visited all participants to give them technical advice. At the end of the training course, awards were given to the five best participants, who won five hours of technical support from an expert in website management, design, and social media.

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