Swisscontact is one of the most experienced global development organizations in the field of skills development and professional training. In Central America, Swisscontact has pioneered Inclusive Market Systems approaches to strengthen value chains and regional development, fostering access to income, employment and self-employment as well as to promote entrepreneurship among disadvantaged groups.

Impact Projects

Market Access and Financing for Beekeepers

This project strengthens the capacities of major stakeholders in the honey production value chain in El Salvador and Nicaragua to enable small-scale producers to increase production, improve quality and safety of the honey, and access markets. Microleasing facilitates their access to productive assets such as machinery and equipment.

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Professional Training for At-Risk Youth

This project expands opportunities for job placement and self-employment for youth through comprehensive professional training in Honduras as a way to prevent violence in and stem migration to other countries.

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We create opportunities

Swisscontact at a Glance


Swisscontact is the business-oriented independent foundation for international development cooperation. Represented in 34 countries with over 1,200 employees, Swisscontact has promoted economic, social and environmental development since 1959.


Swisscontact promotes economic, social, and environmental development. It fulfils its mission by generating opportunities for people to improve their living conditions through their own efforts, successfully integrating into the local economy.


Employment and income generation open pathways out of poverty and create long-term economic opportunities. A key condition for this is sustainable economic growth supported by an innovative private sector, which enhances structurally weak regions and incorporates disadvantaged groups in the population as active market participants.
Professional training and development, labour market integration, strengthening SMEs, access to financial services, and efficient use of resources lie at the heart of private sector development.

Inclusive Markets

The Inclusive Market Systems approach advocated by Swisscontact seeks to introduce fundamental changes in market mechanisms to benefit the largest number of poor individuals as possible. Consequently, Swisscontact identifies sectors and value chains with specific growth potential for disadvantaged populations and develops strategies to facilitate changes through market stakeholders through extensive analysis of growth obstacles.