Skills for Jobs Project-S4J offers prospects

Now Albanian youngsters will get more opportunities toward gainful and decent jobs thanks to a new SDC-funded project. Swisscontact is partnering with 5 vocational schools and training centers in Vlora, Lezha and Berat to improve their performance and attractiveness.

Students in Albania have become exceedingly connected to the technology, but the public VET system needs still to catch up with this trend.  With 72% of interviewed youngsters using their smartphones daily, and more than half of them enjoying social networking sites, learning apps can be a tool to make technical education more “hip”.  And since data show an increased interest among teachers and instructors in blended learning, opportunities for fostering innovation are opened.

Swisscontact is also partnering with those “enlightened” employers that see their involvement in the skills development system as an investment in the future labour force. Swisscontact will support these entrepreneurs to take a leading role in the process. Therefore, the improvement of the school organization to strengthen ties with the private sector will be addressed too.

Skills for Jobs will also facilitate the transition from learning to employment for VET students by making use of coaching for employment approach, internship/apprenticeship schemes and by introducing career centers functions within the training centers.

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