Promotion of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)

The focus of this area are the small and medium-sized enterprises in the formal and informal sector. They all contribute to competition, innovation and to the dynamic of the local economy. In developing countries, this small and micro enterprises generate most of the production and employment and thus ensure sustainable income opportunities for the population.

Swisscontact promotes labor-intensive industries with high growth potential to ensure access to jobs and income for the broadest possible segment of the population. The aim of the activities is to promote medium-and long-term business competitiveness on local, national or international markets. Thereby, Swisscontact is not acting directly at the enterprise level, but works with local service partners and enables them to offer customized services to SMEs.

Swisscontact is aware that the competitiveness of small and medium enterprises depends not only on their performance, but is also strongly influenced by the legal and regulatory framework in a country. Therefore Swisscontact, together with local partners and networks, is committed to strengthen this environment through regulatory reforms. In the systemic approach, Swisscontact considers, during project implementation, the multi-dimensional orientation of small business promotion and, following the "M4P approach", connects areas such as technology transfer, know-how transfer, innovation, access to financial services, vocational training and the availability of skilled workers.

A central aspect of systemic interventions in the private sector is the promotion of local and global value chains and the strengthening of the competitiveness of regions.